Andrea’s answer to …… ” Why in the world would you start a blog?”

First let me start with this,  two years ago on October 18, 2011 I started a facebook page called I Tried the Recipe and I Liked It.  Catchy title huh?  Yeah not so much but really I just wanted an easier way to get a recipe that I may have raved about or something I made and friends asked for the recipe because they too liked it.  This made it easier to share so I didn’t have to worry about digging it out again after someone asks for it just.  one.  more.  time.  The text ” I hate to bother you but can you get me that recipe for your crab dip again?  Sorry I promise I’ll write it down this time!”.   I honestly didn’t mind texting,  emailing or reading a recipe over the phone truly I love to share.  But sometimes you just aren’t where your recipes are.    So,  I decided to start the page and I have almost 100 likes to date.  I also have two twitter accounts with over 100 twitter followers .  I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but to me it is!   Now a lot of these people are my personal friends but some I don’t know from Adam.    So really this girl thinks it’s pretty cool.  


Fast forward November 2013.  I am blog obsessed, I love the site bloglovin.  I follow blogs on beauty, home, scrapping, crafting,  photography, organizing and my most favorite cooking.   I admire these bloggers on so many levels.  Their gift for words, their style, their creativity, their photos everything.  Those are all things I am certainly lacking BUT what I don’t lack is my desire to try (that was my word for 2013 by the way) new things and to share.  So last night when I said to my daughter ” I know this is crazy but I think I may start a blog”  She said “Why not?  If it doesn’t work out then it doesn’t work out.  No biggie mom!”

So Andrea’s answer to “Why in the world would you start a blog?” is “Why in the world not? If it doesn’t work out no biggie. Right?”  


Side note I change the FB page and twitter also to  Andrea’s answer to 






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